Pilot Pretends to Faint While Flying in Mid-Air!

Check out this crazy prank of a pilot who pretends to faint while flying in mid-air!

Stealing Peoples Gas Prank!

Gas prices have risen so much that even a drop of it has become extremely valuable, especially for people who are quite dependent on their cars. What is the worst thing you would do if you had no money for gas, but a desperate urge […]

Cat Gives Adorable Ferret A Bath

Ned the cat was introduced to his ferret buddies when he was only a few weeks old. They immediately accepted him as one of their own, and cuteness of immense proportions ensued.

Cutest Dog/Cat Fight in History

Chalk this one up for a video that will always make you smile.

Fastest Train 574 km/h – watch the top left speed

Video of a train speed test in France.

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