GoPro On An F-18

Amazing video. The pilots make flying a jet look easy. What an amazing job.

Toddler Discovers His Eyebrows For The First Time

This is 20 month old Leon after he discovered that his eyebrows can move! He’s enjoying the moment with his parents.

Daddy & His Scary Laugh

Our 5 month old getting all sad because of daddys scary laugh. We love our girl so much!

This ‘Shark Tank’ Parody About Borrowing Stuff From Friends Is Hilariously Spot On

Four guys got together and created this brilliant comedy sketch called “Lenders’ Tank” – if “Shark Tank” was about casually borrowing things from friends.

They Gave Kids DARK Chocolate For The First Time. Watch Their Faces After Realizing They’ve Been Betrayed

Watch kids try dark chocolate for the first time, which has a much stronger taste than milk chocolate. They all seem so happy to be getting chocolate and then their faces just collapse upon realizing they’ve been betrayed…

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