He Puts A Leash And Harness On His Cat. What Follows Is Absolutely Priceless

Most cats refuse to be put on a leash, but this little guy takes it to a whole new level. The laughing cracked me up even more.

Baby Elephant Tells Cat To Scram!

An interested baby elephant approaches a cat and then gives it a little “send off” message…

Funny Animals

A compilation of funny animals video from may 2014.

This Cat Can’t Believe His Camouflage Actually Worked

If you don’t know already, this is one of the internet’s most popular cats, Maru. In this adorable clip, Maru appears to have mastered kitty camouflage. I love how his look follows the unsuspecting cat, not believing the camouflage actually worked.

Jerry The Goat Likes To Jump… On His Friends

Jerry the goat is different from the rest of his herd. He likes to party…

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