Scared to death by a Huge Black Bear while at Hunting

Yeah this is a perfect example of just how fast and deadly bears are. I’m not sure but I think they’re like 300 to 600 pounds. That is a lot of weight and that was an incredibly fast bear.

Baby Elephant Tells Cat To Scram!

An interested baby elephant approaches a cat and then gives it a little “send off” message…

This Raccoon Dance Party Will Make Your Day

Let’s get this party started! A couple of raccoons, a.k.a. “trash pandas”, get down to their favorite jam.

Top 10 Funny Baby Videos Compilation

Puppies and Babies and Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!

Cats Spooked by Moving Carpets Compilation

What happens when you move a carpet that’s under or close to a cat? Well, of course, the poor critter is instantly terrified. Watch this hilarious compilation of cute cats being completely spooked by moving carpets. We promise a good laughter! Also, don’t forget to […]

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