For brands, NewswireDigest delivers in a big way! Brands get access to premium video content and a highly engaged audience at scale. Our video destination generates unique consumers that spend over 7:30 minutes engaged. This is basically because our site rocks.

Our discovery engine creates added exposure for brands by reaching unique users across our distribution network, driving those engaged users back to sponsored video content on NewswireDigest.

In stream: Pre-roll, overlay ad, channel takeover
Display: Channel takeover, brand wrapper on video series, 720 x 90, 300x 250
Customized Sponsorships: Brand channel, custom video production, live stream


Premier publishers, across a variety of vertical industries, select NewswireDigest as their syndication partner. NewswireDigest delivers an audience at scale to our partners’ video content through our discovery engine and our world-class distribution network.
Publishers trust us because of our two step audience verification system that includes 3rd party and human validation. With our nimble approach to audience acquisition, publishers are able to scale their business and maximize video revenue with less effort and more value. Contact us today to see if you’re a good fit!

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