Scariest Pranks Ever

Watch a video compilation of the scariest pranks ever!

They Gave Kids DARK Chocolate For The First Time. Watch Their Faces After Realizing They’ve Been Betrayed

Watch kids try dark chocolate for the first time, which has a much stronger taste than milk chocolate. They all seem so happy to be getting chocolate and then their faces just collapse upon realizing they’ve been betrayed…

Prepare To Laugh At This Epic Battle Between Man And Goose

In his defense, the man was just minding his business trying to get by. The goose was having none of it.

Watch This Meter Maid LIFT A Taxi Cab In Front Of Horrified New Yorkers

This super strong New York City meter maid doesn’t like being told no.

Oscars Best Most American Film

Benny and Kevin from JoyCamp were thrilled to be invited back to the Academy Awards. They had a lot of fun presenting the award for The Best “Most American” Film of the Year .

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