Oscar for the funniest speech goes to…

The Best Actress winner at the 2013 Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence, brushes off questions about tripping up during the ceremony with the funniest interview of the night.

Elegant Mother-Son Wedding Dance Went Wrong!

The groom and his mother surprise the guests with a great dance mashup – you wont believe what happened at 0:20!

The 5 Most Popular Cats On The Internet United To Create A Music Video… And It’s Saving Cats

Watch Grumpy Cat and his friends in a new music video called ‘Cat Summer’. For every video view, Friskies is donating one meal to cats in need around the country!

It Looked Like It Was Game Over For The Chimpmunk… Until It Busted Out Insane Ninja Skills

The cat thought he had things under control, but this chipmunk did not appreciate how he was being treated…

This Guy Is Getting The Ultimate Revenge On Jeep For Selling Him A Lemon

In October 2013, Teg bought a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee for $60,000. Since the day he got it, it’s been a lemon. So he did the best thing he could think of with his frustration…

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