Purranormal Cativity: The Secret Life Of Cats At 3 AM

Do you hear things go bump and crash in the middle of the night. Or see strange glowing eyes in the darkness? If so, you’re probably owned by a cat! This new video spoofs the “Paranormal Activity” movies by using a camera to capture the […]

Gizmo don’t care.

Gizmo the cat doesn’t care about your rules !

Oscars Best Most American Film

Benny and Kevin from JoyCamp were thrilled to be invited back to the Academy Awards. They had a lot of fun presenting the award for The Best “Most American” Film of the Year .

Scared to death by a Huge Black Bear while at Hunting

Yeah this is a perfect example of just how fast and deadly bears are. I’m not sure but I think they’re like 300 to 600 pounds. That is a lot of weight and that was an incredibly fast bear.

Tina Fey Strips Down On Letterman, Vows To Never Wear A Dress Again!

Tina Fey says she’s never going to wear a dress again on a talk show. And she started midway through her interview… because she’s awesome.

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